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Live standup Mime from #Gamarjobat on Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford. Gamarjobat: https://udivi-tv.com/tag/gamarjobat/ UdiviTV – https://udivi-tv.com – Amazing projects of talented people. All Udivi-TV playlists: https://udivi-tv.com/playlists All Udivi-TV channels: Amazing people: https://clck.ru/MwCLq Entertainment near me: https://clck.ru/MwCNb What a wonderful world: https://clck.ru/MwCPS Creative arts: https://clck.ru/MwCQT Subscribe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/UdiviTV https://twitter.com/Udivi_TV https://pinterest.com/Udivi_TV https://t.me/Udivi_TV https://vk.com/udivitv #Gamarjobat #BestComedian #Magic #ComedyRocks #Comedy […]
Penn and Teller Reveal the Secrets of Their Famous Magic Trick. Penn and Teller (Penn & Teller) – a duet of American illusionists Penn Gillett and Teller, who began to perform together in the late 70’s. The most famous for their numerous performances on stage and television. Nowadays, their show is a mixture of humor […]