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UdiviTV – https://udivi-tv.com – Amazing projects of talented people. Les Twins: https://udivi-tv.com/tag/les-twins/Vladimir Presnyakov: https://udivi-tv.com/tag/vladimir-presnyakov/ There is only cigarette smoke on the platform.Two railway carriages and many wheels.The evening is smooth, but there is no answer.Oh, life, where did you bring ustonight?So indecently, under the MoonlightOur kisses up face to face.I’m like an lonely tramp-wind,That have […]
UdiviTV – https://udivi-tv.com – Amazing projects of talented people. Carousel is an online advertisement launched in April 2009 by #Philips to promote Philips #Cinema 21:9 LCD televisions. The 139-second (2m19s) piece is a continuous tracking shot of a frozen moment after an armoured van heist gone wrong, with robbers dressed in clown masks holding a […]
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